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Medical electric wheelchair AGILIA – is the perfect combination of style and comfort and an amazing opportunity for active participation in public life! Designed for people whose physical condition allows them to independently use and manage it. Due to the short wheelbase, the wheelchair can be easily manoeuvred even in the smallest space – both outdoors and indoors. Rear drive wheels and electromagnetic brakes ensure a safe and comfortable ride. This mobility aid will undoubtedly let the user feel happy and free.

 The wheelchair is extremely functional, simple to operate and easy to maintain. It has a comfortable, height-adjustable headrest, and adjustable angle of the backrest (90°-102°). Seat height is easily changed with a hex screwdriver and a seat leg. There are height-and-angle adjustable armrests, the distance between which can also be changed. The angle of the footrest is also adjustable (8°-22°). The wheelchair has a stylish chassis hood, front wheels, rear drive wheels (with anti-overturn wheels), and an external charging socket. The adjustment of the device should be carried out by the supplier (assistant) when the wheelchair user is sitting in it and the wheelchair is turned on (but the height is adjustable when the wheelchair is empty). 

Switching on and off, speed, direction, and braking are controlled with a lockable modern joystick. Its controller can be attached on either the right or left side of the wheelchair (tools are not required). With this controller, it is possible to increase and decrease the speed of movement and monitor the battery charge level and top speed on the screen.

The wheelchair is powered by 2x50 Ah sealed lead acid batteries, which do not require additional maintenance. They are located under the seat of the wheelchair. Adhesive textile tape or plastic handles can be used to make the batteries easier to install and remove. 

Each  electric wheelchair AGILIA is checked in the factory, so only a quality product reaches the user. 

Attention! The purchase of this Kid-Man™ product by a person over the age of 18 is eligible for compensation from the Republic of Lithuania. This means that our client who provides the necessary documentation can be reimbursed 90% of actual acquisition costs, but not more than 5,000 Euro, once every 6 years, in the following cases: 1) If very prominent tetraplegia (tetraparesis) is diagnosed due to muscle atrophy or dystrophy, as a consequence of multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, or other illnesses and injuries, 2) If there are non-prosthetic biggies of both calves and thighs, 3) In case of damage to the function of both hands. Please contact us and we will advise you and help you with all formalities (more details are provided in the annex). 

Please carefully read the Instructions for use and maintenance and the Recommendations for your safety! 


Maximum load, kg 136
Weight, kg 74.5
Overall height, cm 102
Overall width, cm 56
Overall length, cm 97
Wheel diameter, mm 150 / 250
7 -- 8
14 -- 16
2 x 32 Ah